Where is the Heart Located in Human Body?

where is the heart located

A person when feels immediate pain in his chest, he starts wondering that if it’s something serious. In such pains, they start worrying about their body organs and their location in the body. The most concerned organ for them is heart as pain in the chest increases the chances of any heart problem and most of the people really don’t know where is the heart located. So for this purpose and for the people to understand their chest pains, its causes it’s important for them to know about the location of their heart.

Where is the heart located in Human Body

Heart is the most necessary part of the human body and its main function is to pump the blood to all the other organs to the body. From those organs, the blood is then flowed to the other parts of the body. In human body, it is necessary that the blood keeps on circulating as the circulating blood carries necessary contents and nutrients to all the parts and organs of the human body.  It is important to know for everyone that the heart is small in size and it is not larger than the size of a fist and it doesn’t weigh more than a pound.

For the people who think that heart is located on the left half of the body, it is wrong as heart is located to the left of the center. It is not completely in the left side of the human body. It’s simple to find out your heart in the body by just putting your hand on your chest and you will find out that your heart beats in the center which means that your heart is somehow located in the center of the chest. Well it’s not completely located in the center yet it’s a bit more towards left part. In real, heart is located between the location of the lungs and exactly at the front of spine.

With the use of some terms and professional research, it would not be wrong to say that heart is located in the human hear in between the fifth inter-costal space and the second rib. The rest of the heart is on the diaphragm’s surface. By knowing that your heart is not exactly in the center, you would be keen to know the reason behind it. But in fact, your body structure and processes seems to be systematic to you but in real they are not. You can also notice a change among the two halves of your face.

Similarly there is a bit difference among the sizes of breast as one is larger than the other. So it can be said that there is some lack of symmetry in the human body and its organs including external and internal. Well, now when one thing is sure that nothing in the human body is symmetric and synchronized, still some people will want to know the reason behind this specific location of the heart and there are some specific researches and theories behind this phenomenon.

Firstly, it is believed by the professionals that the center of the heart is rigid and your heart needs a bit smooth surface to perform its functions well. This rigidity present on the center of chest may not let the heart work properly which it can do while being on the left side of the body. According to another theory, this location of heart is a result of the difference in the distance between two ventricles of human heart. As the left one supplies the blood to all the parts of the body and the right one makes the blood supply only to the nearby body organs especially the lungs. So this is why the left part of the heart is bigger than the right one as it has big function to do.

Heart Structure

Once you have completely understood about the location of the heart, the other and the most important thing to know about is the structure of the heart. Many people when know about one aspect of the thing, they are keen to know about the other aspects too and same is the case here that when the people have known about the location of their heart, they would be keen to know about the heart’s structure. Knowing about the structure of heart is also important because it lets you understand the reasons of heart diseases and other disorders which have connection to the heart.

The two sides of the Heart

Right Side

As you know that human’s heart consists of many parts. The one part is the right one. The right part is small as compared to the left one and it delivers blood from different tissues of the human body. Right part of the heart is also responsible for the delivery of blood to the lungs. Lungs when gets the blood, provides oxygen to the heart and then the heart gets rid of the dangerous carbon-dioxide. The process of delivery of blood and the production of oxygen is known as pulmonary circuit.

Left Side

Left side is comparatively the larger side and it provides the oxygen rich blood to all the parts of the body especially to the parts present on the left side of the body. The blood vessels are responsible for the conduction of this process and they form a circuit which is termed as systemic.

Human heart has got four chambers, two are for pumping and the other two are for receiving.

structure of heart

Heart Coverings

The serious medical conditions and heart diseases are usually occurred due the attack of disease on the covering of the heart. Thus it’s important for you have an idea about the coverings of your heart so that you may understand your heart and its working in a better way. The human heart is enclosed in a sac which double walled. The sac is termed as pericardium. Pericardium saves the heart from getting prey to danger. The pericardium has got another structure which is the fibrous pericardium and it anchors the heart to the heart surrounding structures. It also helps in the maintenance of an ideal level of blood in the heart. Due to the presence of fibrous pericardium, the heart never gets overloaded by the blood.  A serous pericardium is also present in the heart which is somewhere in depth of the fibrous pericardium. It is like a membrane structure and has got two tissue layers. One is called parietal and the other one is known as visceral. Serous pericardium is also responsible for the lubrication of the heart.

There are three major layers of the heart and that are endocarium, epicardium and myocardium. Epicardium is responsible for the creation of the layer of serous pericardium and the myocardium layer makes the bulk of the heart. Human heart has also got fibers which are connected to each other and this connection makes the cardiac skeleton. This skeleton keeps the heart save and prevents the valves from extra stress. The third layer, endocardium is the layer made up of endothelium and it is present on the connective tissue layer.

Heart chambers and the vessels

The heart is divided into two ventricles and two atria. It is important for the people who are interested to know about the heart structure that human heart is divided in two septum longitudinally and that are interatrial and interventricular. The ventricles of the human heart are the discharging chambers while the atria are the chambers responsible for receiving. Another important thing is the major veins which have connection to the heart and those veins include the coronary sinus, superior vena cava and the inferior vena cava.

The superior vena cava returns the blood that comes from the different regions of the body which are superior to the diaphragm. The inferior vena cava is held responsible for returning the blood that has been received by the heart from the organs and regions below the diaphragm. Coronary sinus is responsible for the collection of the blood which drains from the myocardium. Other than these major veins, there are some four other veins called as pulmonary veins and they are present on the entrance of the left atrium. These veins transport the blood that comes from lungs back to the heart. The main part and maximum space in the heart is occupied by the ventricles. Muscles are the main tissues which make this part of the human heart. The basic and the real pumps of the human heart are called as ventricles.

Blood Flow

One other thing that is important for you to know is that the blood flow in human body is in one direction. Its starts flowing from atria and ends in the ventricles. It is like a one way traffic which is regulated by the vales. These valves open and close based on the pressure of blood. Human body consists of atrioventicular, pulmonary and aortic valves.

By reading this article, people’s queries about where is the heart located will be finished.

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