When do babies walk? How to make them learn to walk?

When do babies walk

There are a lot of ladies that are concerned about their babies and rightfully so because these toddlers demand attention. If you are to help them grow appropriately, you will have to take care of what they are up to and how they are going about. Many parents put in efforts to help their children grow faster and learn things quickly. A question that is often asked by the parents is when do babies walk? What is the average age and how they can aid them in taking the first steps?

When do babies walk?

The age at which kids take their first step varies from baby to baby. However, the first step that is taken by the lads at the age of 9 to 12 months. Between this span, you will see kids taking their first steps and attempting to walk. Moving ahead, when he reaches the mark of 14 15 months, he will start to walk.

In case that your baby is around the age of 14 to 15 months and he is not walking, you should not worry. It is perfectly normal as many healthy children that reach 14 to 15 months mark still have problem to walk. They might not be able to walk appropriately till they are 16 17 months old.

The thing is that during their first year, the babies are developing the coordination and muscle strength. All the focus and energy is taken into the account and majority of it is spent on the development. Therefore, this is the time where your baby will learn to sit and roll over. Soon, they will start to crawl and as he reaches the mark of 9 to 10 months, the baby will start standing up.

Moving ahead, from there onwards, it is all the matter of having balance and confidence. You will see the children standing up with the help of a couch or a chair and soon he will start moving hesitantly towards your waiting arms. From walking to running, it all starts form here.

How babies start to walk?

The legs of a new born baby aren’t strong enough to help him stand. Therefore, he has a tough time standing upright. However, if you put your arms under his, you will see that the baby tries to dangle his legs and move. But the fact that his muscles aren’t supportive makes it tough for the lad to walk and roam around. The movement of legs this way is actually a reflex action and you will only observe it in first few months.

As your baby grows up and reaches the age of 6 months, he will start bouncing up and down. The lad will try to balance on the feet and thighs. Over the next few months, he will try to balance which is going to carry on until he gains the confidence and start walking. Moreover, the rolling and sitting will carry on along with some crawling as your baby progresses and muscles grow up.

Going from 6 to 9 months, the baby is going to try and stand now. He will take help from the couch and chairs around and you will see him sliding up and down with the help of the items around. As you give your kid a helping hand, he will hold on tight. Progressing forward to the 10 months mark, the baby starts to figure out and understand the mechanics of bending knees and sitting once he manages to stand up. And for a baby, achieving a fluency in this part is harder than most of the parents may think.

Once your baby has complete command over standing with the couch and he learns the sitting after standing, he will start moving forward. Marking 12 months, he will cruise and move from one thing to another thing, maybe from one couch to the chair that is right next to it. Soon, he will start to stand without taking any sort of support from furniture.

how to make babies walk

The progress carries on from this point and the stooping and squatting is the next step. This helps your baby in picking up stuff from the floor and he will be able to hold on tight to the standing position and will walk after pauses while holding the position.

But exactly at what age kids learn how to walk? Many parents state that their kids haven’t figured out walking appropriately at the age of 12. No worries, if he is still cruising, he will soon figure out how to walk. This may take some time but ultimately your kid will learn to walk.

How to help your kid learn walking?

There are a lot of parents that want to help kids learn how to walk. Things are not easy for your babies at the start as he has trouble in standing and sitting. As stated, one of the toughest things for a kid is to learn how to sit while bending the knees. The thing is that you will see kids standing up and, as they do not know how to sit, they will just come down cruising. So, the best thing for you is that you help your children learn how to stand and sit down. Show your kids how he has to bend knees and sit down as he stands. Help him in understanding the mechanics.

Moreover, there are a few other things that you can do. For instance, you can encourage the kids to walk by standing in front of them and opening the arms which most of the parents do as their kids learn how to stand. Also, you can hold the hands of your kids and let the kid walk towards you while moving behind one step at a moment, as the lad takes a few steps towards you. Search out and bring some good toddle toys such as a truck to help him walk. Make sure that the toy has a wide base and is stable.

Assure that the environment around your baby is soft and safe as he learns how to walk.

What about a baby walker?

There are a lot of parents that worry about their kid not walking at the age of 12 months. So, they bring in the baby walkers and all sorts of other stuff that can help a kid in walking. The thing is that American Academy of Pediatrics, AAP, strongly advises the parents not to use such supportive stuff, especially the baby walkers. It is because the walkers will prevent the baby from developing the muscles that are in the upper part of the leg. As a results, the muscles will develop incorrectly and this is simply not good for your lad. Moreover, these toys make it easy for your baby to reach hot items or stuff that is not good for them which makes the environment less safe for them to grow.

Should I make my kid wear shoes?

There are parents that worry about baby walking around and as soon as he starts moving the would bring in the shoes. Well, the experts state that parents should avoid doing so. They must wait for the time when the baby walks around on a surface that is rough. In case that your baby is walking on a plain and clean surface, there is no need to bring in shoes early. But as your kid starts walking around on rough and cold floor, you may think of making him wear shoes.

precaution for baby walking

What if your baby is not walking?

There are a lot of people that worry too much as their baby is not moving around. They tend to think that what is the right age for a baby to walk and compare it with their lad. Well, there is nothing to worry if your kid is progressing but things are going slow. However, if you feel that it is a little too slow, or your kid is not standing as he reaches the 12 months mark, is not walking when he is one and a half year old, or has trouble in moving steadily as he grows up to 2 years old, you might want to consult with a doctor.

However, keep it in mind that the babies have different speed at which they develop and their activities start according to their own timetable. Especially, if the baby is premature, he may reach the given milestones a little late than other babies. It is better to start counting on the days regarding when do your baby walk or do his other activities from your expected or due date of pregnancy.

Final words

So, this is all the information about when do babies walk and what you can expect from your baby. Going forward from walking, the next steps are climbing and kicking and jumping. These generally happen from 18 to 24 months and from 24 to 30 months age mark respectively. Just make sure that you have a careful eye on the development of your baby and watch each step carefully.

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