When Can You Tell The Sex of a Baby

When Can You Tell The Sex of a Baby

When a woman becomes, pregnant her body goes through different changes along with the growth of the child which is being grown inside her belly. The child normally takes nine months to develop its organs and the skeletal structure fully. Sex of the baby can be identified when the women go into a mid-phase of the pregnancy; this phase is about between 16 to 20 weeks. The gender can be revealed through ultrasound machine from which the images appear on the monitor, the doctor which will be attending the woman will be able to examine the images on the monitor and can tell if the gender or sex of the baby is revealed or not. The following information reveals when can you tell the sex of a baby.

When can you tell the sex of a baby

Before the mid-pregnancy phase, it can’t be identified whether it is a boy or a girl as it same. Even after 16 weeks, it is difficult to identify the gender, by 18 weeks the gender can be identified if the baby is in a certain position which can show the formation of the genitals. If that point genitals can’t be seen when you can apply for an ultrasound after some time. Identifying the gender through ultrasound cannot always be accurate as there is a phase in the pregnancy when the inside of the mother’s belly. Because it is crowded which makes it difficult to identify the genital of the baby, so the fourteenth week of the pregnancy is the most suitable condition to know what sex does the baby have. This phase may vary from mother to mother as every woman goes through slightly different changes than others but in general, the fourteenth week is the most suitable one to check the sex of the baby. The biggest risk using the ultrasound method is that during this method you can’t get gestational age correctly detected or properly identified. So it can’t give an accurate result that what gender or sex the baby has, the reason is the previous point discussed it that sometimes it is a crowded situation in the mother’s belly which creates a problem to identify the gender or sex of the baby properly.

best ways to check Sex of a Baby

Pre-Natal Testing

There is also another way of checking the sex of the baby, that technique is the Non-Invasive Pre Natal Testing (NIPT). This technique is carried out through the blood test which checks for the down syndrome as well along with other chromosomal conditions which occur at the 10-week phase of pregnancy. It identifies the sex of the baby in a way that it detects the male sex chromosomes inside the bloodstream of the expectant mother, this ables the doctor to examine the blood and identify that the child is a boy or a girl.

CVS Or Aminosentises

There is another technique that doctors use to identify the sex of the baby that technique is known as the CVS or the amniocenteses test, this test is a genetic test used to identify the sex of the baby. This particular test is also used for the identification of any abnormalities related to the child. Through this test, any genetic abnormality or any chromosomal condition like the Down Syndrome can be identified through this test. The CVS is done between 10 weeks to 13 weeks varying from the condition of the mother and the child; the amniocenteses test is done between 16 to 20 weeks. The drawback of these tests which are CVS and Aminosentises is that these type of tests are invasive and can pose threats to the child even they can show very detailed information of the child. As these tests are very detailed one, so many parents are fearful to know so much about the child and along with that, it is a risky test.

Ramzi’s Method

There is a new way from which you can know the sex of the baby, this method is known as the Ramzi’s Method. This approach is gaining popularity, in this method, you can tell the sex of the baby in the very early phase of the pregnancy. The phase is about when the mother reaches six weeks of pregnancy, so how can this happen?, at such an early phase to determine the sex of the baby, due to this Ramzi’s Method ultrasound is used which helps to identify or locate the placenta which ensures that what gender does the baby acquire.

Different Ways to identify through Ultrasound

Technicians have elaborate different factors about when can you tell the sex of the baby or identifying the gender or sex of the baby. If your technician has advised you to go for an ultrasound, then he will look at some factors which will help him to know the accurate result. The factors which can affect the accuracy of the result are the age of the baby or in which phase of the pregnancy the mother is in, the equipment which is being used for ultrasound, the technician and the baby. So after properly examining the factors, the technician will use these ways to check the sex or gender of the baby. If the ultrasound images show the absence of the penis, then the result appears to be that gender of the baby is a male, but it cannot be true in all cases. The technician has to look the factors as the baby’s age is not up to the mark where the baby’s genitals are properly developed to tell whether the baby is a boy or a girl because at a certain age of the baby or the certain phase of pregnancy both the male and female genitals are of the same shape and size which may confuse many technicians that is the baby male or female. The other way is that the technician will look for the girl genitalia, i.e., labia and clitoris when these are identified, then it is referred to as that the baby is a girl. The identification of the labia and clitoris is known as the “Hamburger Sign” because the shape is in such a way that the clitoris is between the labial lips which are depicted like buns of the hamburger. If the technician is looking for a boy, then he will look for a “turtle sign,” elaborating the sign shows that the tip of the penis is at the front of the testicles. It may be not accurate for all the babies because of the factors that may affect the accuracy of the result. The age of the baby or the phase of the pregnancy which the mother is in, even the position of the baby also plays a vital role when the technician is identifying the sex or the gender of the baby.

ultrasound to check Sex of a Baby

Another way of identifying a baby boy is that the fetus can have an erection of the penis, if this happens and is observed under the ultrasound then it makes it easier for the technician to identify the sex or the gender of the baby.

3D Ultrasound Technology

As technology is progressing day by day, so there is more improvement to the methods which were used to check the gender or sex of the baby. The health of the baby and the mother and also any complications that the baby and the mother can face being able to tackle in time, improvements have been made in the ultrasound technology. 3D technology has been taking over the previous technology as this 3D approach helps to examine the fetus more accurately as the baby parts are more clearly visible which helps the technician to identify the gender of the baby or any issue regarding the baby and the mother. In previous technology, technicians have to guess the gender or sex of the baby through dull images along with the shadows that are appeared in the images, but in this 3D tech, the body parts of the baby are more visible. At the end whatever ultrasound approach you use there will always no hundred percent accuracy in the results of the identification of the gender of the baby before the eighteen weeks phase of the pregnancy. Because before that the genitals of both the boy and girl are roughly the same size and shape which many technicians mistook and get confused by the results.

Health- The First Priority

Whichever approach is used to identify the sex of the baby, these all methods were used to check that whether the baby is healthy or not. To tackle the problems during the pregnancy which the baby and the mother face, due to these tests gender is also revealed. However, the first and the main priority is to know the health of the baby and the mother but understandably parents are keen to know the gender of the baby and get prepared for the birth of the baby but the priority of every parent who is going to start a family should be the health of the baby, and it is best to be patient when to know, and when can you tell the sex of the baby.

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