My Throat Hurts When I Swallow | Causes & Treatments

My Throat Hurts When I Swallow

When we swallow, we use various muscles in our body. It involves our mouth, throat, and food pipe to work appropriately if we are to swallow something. In case if one of these things are not working up to the mark, we are likely to go through complications that will lead to problems and we won’t be able to swallow items easily. Anyone having issues with swallowing would love to know why my throat hurts when I swallow and there can be many possible reasons for that. Below, we are going to discuss some causes and treatments to why your throat may hurt when you are trying to intake some food.

Why do my throat hurts when I swallow?

As stated above, there are more than one reasons why this problem can occur. Often you need to look at the symptoms to identify what exactly it is that bothers you when you try to take in something.

Strep throat

This one comes from throat infections and is a common problem that won’t let you eat food with ease. It occurs because of Streptococcal bacteria and if you are suffering from this problem you are likely to notice that your lymph are swollen and tender. The nodes can be swollen on a single side or on both sides and there can red spots on soft palate along with some pain. Individuals that suffer from this may also experience fever and white patches on their tonsil.


A lot of people have the problem of infection or inflammation in their tonsils which is known as tonsillitis. It is one of the most common causes that won’t let you swallow with ease. This condition is contagious and there can be many reasons for tonsillitis including viruses and bacterial infection as well as strep throat.

Individuals that go through this problem experience swollen tonsils. There are white or yellow spots on their tonsils along with bad breath. Moreover, you may feel your jaw or neck becoming tender as you go through this problem. In some cases, people do experience fever too.


Epiglottitis is a throat infection due to which your epiglottitis will become swollen. The epiglottis is a flap at the back of your throat which covers the wind pipe when swallowing food and food pipe when breathing. When it is swollen, you won’t be able to eat anything and a condition known as dysphagia, which is essentially difficulty in swallowing, will be there. Moreover, there is a high fever and you can experience drooling when going through this problem. You may feel at ease when sitting in a leaning forward posture.

Yeast infection

Yeast infections can occur on various parts of our body, both at the inside and on the outer surface, and they can be there in the mouth, throat, or even inside food pipe. Suffering from it, you can expect to experience discomfort when swallowing something. Yeast is actually a type of fungus that, if finds suitable condition, will start growing in our body. It is present almost all the time but is usually inactive. Generally, the bacteria known as Candida is the one that causes most of the yeast infection cases.

Peron suffering from it can go through a loss of taste. There will be white patches on his or her tongue that indicates that the yeast infection is spreading in mouth. Moreover, the corners of the mouth might also become red.


Our food pipe is known as esophagus and it is responsible for carrying food from our throat to our stomach. The esophagitis is the state when our esophagus goes through inflammation and it becomes tough for us to intake our food and water. The most common reason why esophagitis is there is because of the gastric reflux disease. It is a condition in which your stomach acid will start flowing the wrong direction i.e. back up your food pipe. Also, it may happen because of some allergic reactions and medications.

Apart from troubles swallowing something, you may feel chest and stomach pain. The voice change might be there and coughing and heart burn are also common alongside. In some cases, people also feel nausea due to digestive acid following backwards.

Why do my throat hurts when I swallow

Throat injury

Lastly, there is throat and when it is there you may not ask why my throat hurts when I swallow because you would already be aware of it. The injury can lead to swallowing problems. Moreover, eating and drinking too hot or too cold, or swallowing sharp stuff such as a cracker or a chip with sharp edge, can lead to throat scratching and swallowing problems.


To get the problem diagnosed appropriately, it is advised that one should consult a certified professional to seek medical assistance. There are various methods with which the problem can be identified which include the examination of your throat, throat culture test, blood tests, barium swallow (which is a special type of x-ray for your food pipe), and a CT scan.

Treating swallowing problems

Well, how you are going to treat it depends on what is the cause of your swallowing issues. There are medications to help you out, injections, both antifungal and antibiotic, and for recurring tonsils it can end up in tonsillectomy which is a procedure of removing them from your throat.

Moreover, there are certain home remedies that people like to do when their throat hurts. You might want to take some anti-inflammatory medicines, or antacids which can help in reducing the problem over time. Moreover, there are throat sprays that can numb and assure that you can swallow with ease. When you ask people what to do as my throat hurts when I swallow, a common response you receive is that you should try gargling with salt water. Sipping warm drinks and taking hot shower can have a soothing effect on you.

Just avoid alcohol and tobacco and make sure that you don’t hesitate in visiting the doctor if you are unable to figure out the cause or if it has lasted for more than a week.

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