How to get Rid of a Head Cold

How to get rid of a head cold

Head cold is a common cold which can either due to cold weather or due to viral infection. It is also known as common cold. It can cause soar throat and sneezing. It can also cause illness. It needs to be handled on the urgent basis to get normal. Here we discuss how to get rid of a head cold.

What is head cold ?

Head cold, also known as common cold is an illness. In this illnes, you face soar throat, sneezing and cough. You may come through this infection normally. It impacts greatly on your routine life negatively. You get tired of doing work rapidly. Once it happend then you have to face it for several days. You cannot get normal within few hours becaue of its severity. Usually kids face such mild illness. They get cough and sneezing for several days. You should consult with doctor for good prescription.

How to get rid of a Head Cold & Its Symptoms

There are some symptoms which show that you are going to suffer head cold. Such symptoms may include cough, low fever, sneezing, sore throat and stuffed nose. Headache can be another symptom for head cold. There can be some home remedies for head cold. Such kind of remedies provide slow but long term health. Symptoms of common cold may appear between 7 to 10 days. On the other hand, this illness may remain for 3 to 4 days if you take pills and dose for getting health. Viral infection can be another reason for head cold. Head cold virus may cause sinus infection.  Sinus infection may occur due to bacteria. Germs spread in air filled spaces of skin, nose and forehead as a result of this bacterial infection. This virus take all members of a family in its network slowly. Therefore you have to take care and consult with doctor urgently. Some other symptoms may include fatigue, less feeling of smell, pain in your cheeks and forehead, and green discharging from nose.

symptoms of a head cold

Causes of head cold

Head cold may caused by different kinds of viruses. These viruses may pass from person to another. When a person sneezes or get cough, virus spread in the air. Another cause of the head cold is that you may touch some toys, mobile phones and other things which may contain virus. This virus may get into your body when you touch those unwashed hands to your face, nose and body. Such virus may cause infection of head cold if you have week immune system and cannot fight with illness. Viruses which may cause head cold include human parainfluenza virus, metaneumo virus and respiratory syncytial virus.

Severity of head cold

You do not need to see your doctor if you have minor sneezing and cough. That is not tha issue. Normally people caught illness due to being tired of work whole day. But there can be severity of head cold when you need to see your doctor. Such servere symptoms may include fatigue, ear ppain, pain in nose and cheeks, headache and severe soar throat. In addition, you may get higher fever at 101 °F and face difficulty in breathing. When you observe such severe condition,you need go consult with doctor on urgent basis. This is the way of how to get rid of head cold. If you do not feel better withing seven to eight days by getting medicines from doctors then you have to consult again. Some serious diseases may be observed like pneumonia, ear infection and sinus infection. You have to take these diseases seriously and see specialists.

Home remedies

Head cold is a common cold which needs to be cured at home to some extent. It is not advised to not to see doctor for this purpose. You can take some medicines along with precautions at home. Here we discuss some home remedies which are as follows:

Water drinking

You should drink fluids in the form of water and juices. Your immune system gets better due to drinking such healthy juices. But you do not need to take coffees and alcohols during common cold. Otherwise cold will be severe and your body will dehydrate.

Take rest

You should fall asleep as much as you can. This is important to feel better and relaxed. In addition you have to take rest when you face head cold. This is essential until you recover your health.

home remedies to get rid of a head cold

Sorethroat removal

Head cold may be due to sore throat. You have to remove sore throat for feeling better and avoiding severity of head cold. For this purpose you can take ½ table spoon of salt and half glass water. Mix it well and gargle few times in a day. This will help to reduce your pain of throat. Another way to reduce soar throat is to drink hot soup or tea. You can also use sore throat spray for this purpose. You will feel better with this remedy.

Take pain killers

For getting rid of head cold, you can take pain killers. Pain killers like ibuprofen, acetaminophen and aspirin can be helpful for reducing head cold. Such painkillers should be avoided for children beacause these can cause other serious diseases in them.

Maintain health

You need to strengthen your immune system for avoiding such diseases like head cold. For this purpose, you can take healthy food and excerise daily. This will help to maintain your health and keep you fit. Your immune system gets strong in this way. Any germs and virus cannot attack speadily If you have stronger immune system.


You should clean your hands, body and face regularly. This will reduce germs infection in the body which will prevent any kind of disease. Your belongings which you keep with yourself every time must be clean. Such belongings may include your vaulet, glasses, tissue papers etc.

Precautions for avoiding illness

You should take some precautions for avoiding illness. You should advise other person suffering from cough and sneeze to sneeze under elbow but not in the air. This will be good for persons sitting beside that person. Otherwise air will be filled with germs and invert in other healthy persons. In addition, you should wash your hands properly before and after eating. After touching different things used by others, you should wash your hands. This is important to avoid germ which enter in the body after touching those hands to face. Further, you should use utensils which are not commonly used by others. You should have some clean utensils for yourself. You should not share your personal things like mobile phone, glasses and other things. This will reduce germs conversion from one person to another. Another precaution is to take sleep for nine hours at a night. This will help your immune system to get better. So all such things which prevent germs is important to reduce illness in society. You should follow such things.

Serious diseases

You can recover your health if you have minor head cold. But you can face complication when you have severe head cold. It can cause serious diseases. Here we discuss some of the diseases which happened due to severity of head cold. These are as follows:

Otitis media

It is an ear infection which can be happened when virus gets into the backside of ears. You feel pain in ears and green discharging of nose. One main symptom of otitis media is head cold. Your eardrum may be affected by this pain.

Attack of asthma

Person who is already suffering from asthma may get involved in head cold. This wil increase chances of asthma attack in them. That is why you have to get rid of head cold to prevent asthma attack.


It is a form of accute sinus infection. During this viral infection, virus may invert in air filling space of skin of your body. This can cause different infections like allergy on your body. Main reason of this sinus infection is head cold. Therefore, you need to come out of it in fewer days.

Other diseases

There can be some other infections caused by head cold. Children and other individuals need to strengthen their immune system by eating healthy food. Otherwise some infections like pneumonia, croup and strep throat may happen. Such infections may cause serious illness in your body.


Head cold is a common cold which happened during winter or fall season. You need to take some measures for avoiding this infection. It may be acute if you do not treat it properly at initial stage. We have discussed some home remedies for how to get rid of a head cold. Along with such remedies, you can take some other measures for avoiding it. But you need to consult with doctor immediately along with such precautions at home. Doctor will suggest you to take pills according to severity of head cold. Children and teens mostly face this kind of infection because they touch different things all over the day. They do not know which is better for their health. That is why you should care for your children and for yourself as well.

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