How Much Does Hair Grow in a Month

how much does hair grow in a month

Human beings grow as time passes by. We don’t realize how much we are growing until there is a more clear change. The process of growth is slow. Few centimeters are grown in weeks which is not that observable. If we talk about the growth of hair. It is much similar than the growth of anything in your body. So how much does hair grow in a month?. The average growth of hair is a half millimeter a day. It is almost an inch of growth in a month and for a year it is almost six inches. The speed of hair growth varies from person to person. There are some ways through which the person can grow his or her hair.

Speeding up Hair Growth:

The first natural way that may help you in speeding up your hair growth is by improving your diet. All the growths of the body whether it is for the hair or every¬† cellular level growth in the human body is related to having a proper diet. Without good diet your body doesn’t grow properly because everything needs energy to grow and to be strong. So make sure to improve your diet for speeding up the hair growth. Try to have right amount of proteins, minerals and vitamins. Food items like chicken, lean meat, beans and fish have all that nutrients that are useful for speeding up the hair growth and also improving the strength of hair. These all nutrients are carried through the bloodstream to the hair follicles from where the hair takes it energy. The second thing for speeding up the growth is by relaxing. Stress is the main factor that prevents the growth of human body and reduces the health as a whole for the human itself.

You can always massage your scalp once a week so that it is cleaned in order to grow some strength to your roots of the hair. This helps in speeding up the hair growth and making your hair strong. This approach allows the blood circulate easily through the scalp which helps to nourish the roots of the hair. You will realize that how much does hair grow in a month.

Reasons of damaged hair :

One of the main reasons that hair gets damaged and prevention of the hair growth is due to the excessive use of hairstyle products. These products are not friendly with the health of your hair. Most of these products are made through different chemicals which are not good for your hair growth. If you have to use hairstyle products then make sure that you wash your hair before sleeping because too much hair cream, gels etc will break your hair from outside. Kust like the hair products try not to overuse heating methods of hair styling. These methods include the blow drying your hair and straightening your hair. These damage your hair which stops the hair growth.

Genetics and Hormones :

There are some factors that a person has no control over it. Some people have naturally good hair while others don’t. The strength of hair and the speed of the hair growth does depend on the hormones, genetics and also certain kinds of disease which prevents the hair growth.

Reasons of damaged hair

Phases of how much does Hair Grow in a Month:

Studies show that hair growth involves with three phases. These phases covers the whole progress of the growing of the hair. The first phase of hair growth is known as the Anagen. Anagen or the growth phase is the one in which the hair starts growing. This growing phase depends on the hormones and the genetics of the person. It is considered that more the person’s hair stay in this phase which is the growth phase, it will be much better for your hair. This phase is about for two to seven years varing from person to person. The next phase of the overall hair growth phase is the Catagen. Catagen or the Transitional phase is the phase in which the follicles start to shrink or get small in size after the first phase. The papillia will detach from the roots of hair which will disable the nutrients supply from that. This normally takes up around ten days. Last phase of the hair growth phase is the Telogen. The Telogen or the resting phase is the phase in which the hair usually falls out and there is no growth.¬† The follicles then rest for about three months and then after that the whole lifecycle of the hair growth repeats itself. Studies shows us that these phases are done simultaneously which means that some of your hair will be in a different phase while some will be in a different. It’s part of the process of the hair growth.

Problems :

Some people face problems like their hair will stay in the resting phase for a long time which totally damages the hair growth condition. This results in thining of the hair and the appearance of the hair is pretty much ruined. To move out of this phase a person can skip on to the growth phase which is the Anagen phase. To skip on this phase needs the person to try his or best to achieve it. This is related of all the things we have discusses in the start of this article about maintaining a healthy diet in order to strengthen your hair. These things does matter and helps the person to stay in the growth phase. Half of the hair growth control is under the person’s hand. It is up to him or her, how he or she can tackle the situation.

Take Control :

Make sure to stay away from the hair styling methods and products as these things completely damages the health of the hair. Try to care for your hair which will result in good health. The three phases will be done in their own time. Surely genetics and other hormonal does take their control but you still manage to control the hair growth. These tips and tricks will help you to know that how much does hair grow in a month or after a certain period of time.

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