How many times can you take Plan b?

How many times can you take Plan b

There are a number of times when you might want to take the route of Plan B for birth control. Individuals may forget to use other birth control methods. You might miss a pill or you may end up with a torn condom during sex. Whatever the reason is, Plan B can come in handy as an emergency birth control method. While some ladies take it due to the failure of temporary birth control methods, others tend to use it quite often, leaving a question behind that how many times can you take plan b.

How plan b works?

Plan B, also known as the morning after pill, is an emergency contraceptive solution for individuals who missed or failed other temporary birth control methods. It contains some crucial female hormones in it. As it goes into your body, the ovulation is prevented which leads to other changes in your body. For instance, it changes the uterine lining and cervical mucus which makes it hard for the sperm to reach the uterus and fertilize the egg.

How many times can you take plan b?

Well, there is no restriction on how often can you morning after pill. You can use these as much as needed. However, one should avoid taking it several times in a single month.

Apart from that, one should note that the plan b is an alternative to temporary birth control options but only as an emergency one. If you are using it regularly, you might want to stop it because the healthcare professionals state that it must only be used in emergency situations. There are numerous reasons why you should not take the after morning pills on regular basis.

There are certain other pregnancy prevention methods that are better than plan b. It is not as good as some alternative options and this also does not save you from any sexually transmitted diseases. Also, there are certain side effects of plan b which we will talk about later in this article. Moreover, these pills are costly and would have a negative impact on your menstrual cycle if you use it more than once in a singly period.

For contraception, the alternative methods are available which include the use of temporary methods such as condoms, oral pill of contraception, UUD and implant. Moreover, you may like to opt for Depo Provera. In case that you think of using the contraceptive methods or pills on regular basis, it is recommended that you must visit a healthcare professional and discuss your options.

The effectiveness of plan b

Individuals that don’t take the morning after pill may want to know about how effective is the plan b. Well, if you take the medicine within 24 hours, 95% of the pregnancies can be prevented. In case you delay it further 24 hours, the chances reduce by 10% i.e. 85% of pregnancies can still be prevented. Do note that this pill may work for up to 4 days after you have had the unprotected sex. But the more you delay taking the pill the lesser the chances are that pregnancy won’t occur. So, you might want to take the medicine sooner than later.

side effects of plan b

How to take plan b?

Now, there isn’t any definitive answer to how many times can you take the morning after pill. But here is what we found.

If you go for the levonorgestrel, 1.5 mg, 1 tablet, you must take it immediately after you have had the unprotected sex. In case you missed it, take within 2 days i.e. 48 hours of having unprotected sex. For this, you don’t need a prescription.

Then there is another choice of how to take plan B and it is that you go for a 2 tablet routine. Get a levonorgestrel 0.5 mg which is available in pharmacies but isn’t given as over the counter medicine. As this is a 2 tablet routine, take 1 tab as soon as you have insecure sex and the next one in about 12 hours. If you forget to take it this way, you can have both tablets at the same time within next 5 days.

And lastly, you have the Ulipristal. For this, you are going to be in need of a prescription by a healthcare professional. It is the strongest of choice and you can take 1 tablet within 5 days of unprotected sex, i.e. 120 hours, to avoid pregnancy.

Whatever you are about to do, always consult a professional before taking any step.

Risks and side effects of plan B

There are certain risks of taking Plan B that you may come across. Although it is generally seen as a safe medicine, there are side effects and risks associated to it that you must know.

  • One can have allergies from the use of Plan B
  • Already pregnant women must consult a professional as effects of the tablet on baby are unknown
  • Barbiturates and other medications may reduce the effectiveness of this pill
  • Effectiveness of the pill decreases for overweight individuals
  • Ella, or Ulipristal Acetate, should be avoided if you are a breastfeeding mother
  • You may feel dizziness, vomiting and nausea
  • Individuals may feel head pain and fatigue
  • Your breast may feel tender
  • Females can get cramps and may feel some pain in lower abdomen
  • One can have potential bleeding between menstrual periods

Other options

In case that you may want to refrain from the use of plan B and want to take other emergency options, you might go for IUD device. It is a good way to avoid egg implantation and fertilization. This is a device that is made up of copper and plastic and resembles T-shape. Insert it as soon as possible, within 5 days, to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Final words

While there is no definitive answer to how many times can you take plan b, and individuals may use it when required, you know that there are potential side effects. Thus, don’t take it several times in a single month and consult your healthcare professional before taking it on regular basis.

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