How many Ounces of Water should you Drink Daily

how many ounces of water should you drink

Health is the most important component to maintain a healthy life. You should care for your food at every age. Fluid consumption is also essential for human health. That is why doctors recommend water drinking in a greater amount. Here we discuss the importance of water for healthy living as well as how many ounces of water should you drink during a day.

Importance of Water

You lose water in a day through different sources such as breathing, digestion, and breathing. It causes dehydration in the body. You have to fulfill the requirement of this water losing for body maintenance. It can be fulfilled in different ways by fluid consumption. You can take water in different shapes such as juices and milk. You also need to consume food which contains water like fruits containing water. This water helps to regulate all cells and organs of the body regularly. That is why you have to drink water regularly in a greater amount.

Reasons to drink water daily

There are several reasons behind the instruction of doctors about drinking water in a greater amount. Your body functions efficiently if you drink 8-ounce water on a daily basis. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  • Waste flushing through the body

When you drink water in an excessive amount, your body flushes waste in the form of sweat and urine. This waste flushing is difficult if you do not drink water in sufficient amount regularly. Also when you lose water in the form of sweat, then you need to take water to fulfill the amount of water loss during sweetening. Water secretion through sweetening is important for maintaining body temperature. You need to keep your body temperature according to weather condition in summer and winter.

  • Brain functioning

Water helps the brain to function regularly. Also, your spinal cord and joints cushion increases through water drinking.

  • Skin brightening

Water consumption helps to brighten skin. Water drinking stimulates the production of collagen. It in turns increase the brightness of the skin. It also fights against effects of sunlight on skin. Aging effects also reduce water consumption. For skin brightness, you need to take the water of 8 ounces on a daily basis.

  • Oxygen circulation in blood

Oxygen circulation in the blood increases through drinking water properly. It greatly impacts on the health of your entire body. Oxygen circulation can be improved and prevents illness through water intake. Your energy level boosts through this process. It also increases the metabolism of the body which remains you active and energetic. Your mood gets freshen in this way all the day.

  • Dehydration prevention

Your body fights against dehydration if you drink water properly. Water secretion causes dehydration if you do not take water properly the entire day. For preventing dehydration, you need to consume water regularly in sufficient amount.

benefits of drinking water

How many ounces of water should you drink

Drinking water in sufficient amount is important for healthy living. It is a big question how many ounces of water should a human drink in a day. Each doctor recommends a different amount of water for drinking regularly. However, health authorities recommend drinking 8 ounces water on a daily basis. 8 ounces is equal to 2 litters and half of a gallon. This amount of water is essential for body health maintenance. It prevents the body from illness.

Most of the health specialists recommend taking one sip of water continuously even if you are not willing to drink it. There are many factors which help you to feel thirsty. You should consume food which helps you to feel thirsty and drink water.

Diseases which you can prevent by in the taking of water

There are several diseases which can attack you if you do not drink water in sufficient amount. Here we discuss some of the diseases which can be prevented by drinking water regularly. These are as follows:

  • Cancer

Several health specialists recommend taking water in an excess amount to prevent cancer. Some studies show that water intake helps to prevent cancer. However, some of the specialists say that there is no effect of water on taking on cancer. So, you should take care of your health by drinking water in sufficient amount regularly.

  • Constipation

In the taking of water helps to reduce constipation. Constipation is a very common problem among people. They can reduce it by taking water 8 ounces daily.

  • Acne reduction

In taking water helps to reduce hydration in the skin which in turn removes acne. Pimple production reduces on the skin in this way. Your skin hydrates by drinking water. It helps to glow and brighten skin. For skin glowing, you need to take 2 liters of water daily. It hydrates the skin.

  • Kidney stone reduction

Taking water in less amount increases chances of kidney stone. Kidney stone gets larger and larger if you do not control it through different ways. One of the useful ways is to drink water in excessive amount. It helps to secrete kidney stone through urine. Otherwise, you have to be operated for removing a kidney stone. It creates a problem if you do not cure at the initial stage of this disease. Water intake reduces chances of kidney stone.

Can other fluids fulfill the need of water

Some of you cannot drink water in 8 ounces. You can take some other fluids containing water. It will fulfill the need of water in the body. You can drink juices of apple, orange, mango, etc. Another common fluid drinking is milk which is also important for a healthy life. Some people prefer to drink such juices rather than water continuously. They want to fulfill the need for water for their healthy life.

Also, you can consume food containing how many ounces of water should you drink. It also helps to fulfill the need of water for the body. Foods containing water may include, oranges, mangoes, pineapple, etc. You should take water in the shape of such foods, fluids and pure water in a mixed way. You cannot drink water continuously all the day. A mixture of all water products helps you to keep your body fit.

So, you should drink 8 ounces water on a daily basis. You need to take 2 liters of water for a healthy body. Maintaining a healthy life is important.

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