How Long Does Sunburn Last?

How Long Does Sunburn Last

What is a surnburn and how long does it last?

A sunburn is a skin damaged which is caused by the ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun. It usually happens to people who have sensitive skin which is damaged when is exposed to sunlight for a long time. The symptoms of sunburn appears within a few hours after your body has been exposed to sun for a long time. The full effect of this sunburn takes place in twenty-four hours. If you suffered from a sunburn then make sure to get a check up from the doctor because sometimes that serious damage of skin may cause skin cancer which usually take years to appear. So always stay cautious if you have a sensitive skin, want to know  how long does sunburn last and love to take a sunbath. The duration of a sunburn depends on the severity of the damaged skin.

How long does sunburn last depends on the severity.

If you are suffering from a mild sunburn then its sign is that the person will have a redness of skin and there will be pain which can last from three to five days. The skin also gets peeled when your skin starts to get regenerated. If the intensity of the sunburn is more than the mild one then that is categorized as the moderate sunburn. In this type of sunburn it is more painful than the mild sunburn. The skin will be red, swollen and will be hot to touch. The moderate sunburn takes a week to recover fully. Regeneration of skin will take few more days to happen. If the person is suffering from a severe sunburn then going for a check up from the doctor is the best option. The person suffering from this will have painful blistering and very red skin. The damaged skin will take up to two weeks to recover. At this state the person suffering from this sunburn should stay home and take rest in order to get full recovery.

Factors affecting the duration of the sunburn

There are number of factors that play a role in affecting the duration of the sunburn. Do remember that the factors and the duration of the sunburn does vary from person to person. Not every person’s body reacts the same from sun exposure. In general the following factors make people more susceptible to severe sunburn which takes long time to fully recover. The following factors are

  • fair or light skin
  • freckles or red hair or faur hair
  • exposure to sun between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. as the sun rays are most intense in this range of time, high altitudes, ozone holes
  • people who live in certain areas that are near to equator along with certain drugs that make you more sensitive to burns.

Redness of the sunburn

If we talk about the redness of the sunburn and how long does it last? The answer for this question is that the redness of the sunburn will start to show after the sun exposure for about two to four hours. The redness of the sunburn will be at a peak state around twenty four hours and then the intensity of the sunburn will decrease after a day or two. The duration of the sunburn pain will actually start within six hours. It does vary from person to person. The pain peaks around twenty-four hours. The pain which the person is suffering from usually decreases with in two days depending on the intensity of the pain. The person suffering from this sunburn problem can take painkillers to prevent the intensity of the pain and applying some cold items to skin do offer some relief.

redness of the sunburn

Swelling of the sunburn

If we talk about the physical appearance of the sunburn that is the swollen part of the sunburn. This swollen part usually takes two days or can be more depending on the intensity of the damaged skin. Person suffering swollen skin can use anti-inflammatory drugs to help to reduce the swelling. The skin creates blisters in order to prevent the skin from the external factors which may harm your skin more. These blisters allows the skin to regenerate itself or to heal. These blisters which can be of moderate to severe sunburn can show up from six to twenty-four hours after UV exposure. In some cases it does take more than twenty-four hours. Blisters usually form when the person suffers from a moderate or a severe burn. Make sure not to break or damage the blisters because these blisters act as a shield for the fresh skin that is generating underneath and also these blisters prevent the infections from happening. If the blisters breaks on their own then clean that part with mild soap and water to make sure there are no germs in the sunburn area and also stay away from the sunlight until the sunburn area heals properly.

When the skin is burnt that damaged skin peels off to form new skin. This peeling of skin will happen after three days of sunburn. When the peeling of skin starts it may take several days. These are the days when the fresh skin is generating underneath the bristles. When the skin is completely healed then the pealing will stop. If the intensity of the sunburn is mild or moderate then the peeling will stop within seven days. Person who is suffering from the sunburn, that person should drink plenty of water in order to heal the skin quickly. Don’t peel the skin on your own. Let it peel itself otherwise the breaking the bristles will slow down the healing process. Make sure to protect the new skin as the fresh skin is more easy to get infected and is also more likely to get irritation on this fresh skin. Taking a warm bath helps in moisturizing the skin which loosens the dead cells or the bristles that are formed in the sunburn area. Moisturizing gels can also help in using on the dead skin. Make sure these gels are not stingy, it may be painful. Try to use simple petroleum jelly on that it helps a lot in making the skin better. Make sure never pull the dead skin forcefully because it may damage the fresh skin underneath it.

Sometimes the person suffering from the sunburn may also have rashes formed on the sunburn area. These sunburn rashes are formed within six hours after the sunburn. These sunburn rashes lasts up to three days depending the severity of the sunburn and it also varies from person to person because some people do have light skin as compared to others. To avoid irritation on the sunburn rashes apply some cold items to the sunburn area to offer some cold relief and it also helps removing the sunburn rashes faster.

Sun poisoning and  how long does sunburn last

If you are suffering from the severe sunburn rash then for that the term is used “Sun poisoning”. The symptoms for sun poisoning are rash, bristles, pulse, nausea, vomiting and fever. If you are suffering from Sun Poisoning then going to have a check up from the doctor should be the first priority otherwise it may cause more harm to your body. This Sun Poisoning may take ten days or even more to properly heal itself. Calling the doctor should be the first priority whenever you have a fever after a sunburn. Make sure of the signs like dehydration, shock or heat exhaustion. These signs can be dangerous to your health if you don’t treat them. These symptoms may include faint feeling, rapid pulse. If formed, person feels thirsty more and there is no urine output. Nausea, vomiting, chills and bristles also form that may cover the whole sunburn area.

The person suffering from this sunburn problem should have to protect his skin from further damaging itself because the symptoms of this sunburn maybe temporary. But, the after effect of the sunburn may cause a permanent damage to the human body and the DNA. Long-term damage may cause premature ageing, wrinkles, sunspots and even skin cancer. It may need only one sunburn to cause this much negative impact on the skin of the human body. Make sure you protect your skin by appling sunscreen, always wear sunglasses and hats when you move outside at daytime and also wear sun protecting clothes.

Some people don’t have a problem in high sunlight because these sunburn problems varies from people living in different regions of the world. Like people who live in hot regions don’t have a problem in high sunlight while some people do have. These people have who live in hot climate have an adaptable skin that doesn’t cause an issue to their skin. People who have light skin are sensitive to the high sunlight which may cause skin problems. If your skin is sensitive to sunlight make sure to protect your skin by wearing sunglasses, hats and clothes that protect from sunlight. Make sure to apply sunscreen to your body whenever you move outside. If you don’t protect yourself this may cause serious damage to your skin which can be permanent to your human body and DNA. All these precautions will decide how long does the sunburn last.

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