How long does a Sore Throat Last

It has often been questioned that how long does a sore throat last, but before that, it is important to understand what is a sore throat. A sore throat is a type of pain, irritation in the throat that often happens when you inhale or swallow something. The most common cause of this pain is the viral infection which is known as the cold or flu. If a sore throat happens to be due to a viral infection, then it will recover on its own.

There is another type of a sore throat which is also called the Strep throat. This Strep throat is also a common type of infection that is caused by the bacteria. To prevent this infection or to recover from it, antibiotics have to be used to stop the infection from creating more problems for the human health.

How long does a Sore Throat last with Symptoms and signs:

If we talk about the symptoms and signs of a sore throat, these symptoms and signs vary from type to type. In general, the symptoms and the signs of a sore throat are that there will be a sign of pain or scratchy sensation in the throat which will make the person having the infection to cough. The second sign will be that the pain will be worse when the person will swallow or inhale something or even talk.

Depending on the type of a sore throat there will be a sore or swollen gland in the neck or the jaw. Sometimes there is a swollen in the throat, and there are red tonsils which causes pain and irritation in the throat. Having tonsils also sometimes creates white patches or creates a sort of pus on your tonsils.

A sore throat also creates a hoarse or a muffled voice as it does affect the vocals chords. If there is a common infection, then the signs and symptoms will be different from the other infections. The signs and symptoms of the common infections are that the person having the infection will suffer from fever, cough, runny nose, sneezing and also body aches. Nausea and vomiting can also be a part of it when the person is suffering from the sore throat infection.

How long does a Sore Throat last?

When there is a need to go for a checkup from the doctor? It varies from child to adult. If the child is suffering from a sore throat and it does not go away, or the pain reduces in the first drink in the morning then it will be best to take your child to the doctor. If your child is suffering from the sore throat infection and has trouble breathing or difficulty swallowing or inhaling something then an immediate check up from the doctor is necessary. Unusual drooling may also occur which shows the sign of having difficulty eating or swallowing the food.

If you are an adult who is suffering from the sore throat infection, then he or she has to consider the doctor immediately if these signs occur. These signs are if the sore throat infection is getting severe and is lasting longer then to see the doctor should be the first option. If there is a problem in swallowing or inhaling something along with difficulty breathing then to go for a checkup should be your priority.

If there is a difficulty opening your mouth when you need to know about how long does a sore throat last, has joint pain and also has an earache then this too is a go for a checkup from the doctor. If there is blood in your saliva while suffering sore throat infection then to have a check-up from the doctor is a must because of it may be a sign of a serious disease or an injury in the throat which is causing blood in the saliva. Just like the above signs if there is a lump in your neck, hoarseness lasting more than two weeks is a green signal for seeing the doctor before you try to apply any remedy on your own and taking medicines, go to the doctor first.

symptoms and signs of Sore Throat

What causes these Sore Throat infections?

When a person suffers from simple cold or flu, the coughing or the pain in the throat is the defensive mode of the body from the viral infections. That is why fever occurs when a person suffers from a sore throat infection. So the viral infections that cause a sore throat include the following problems which are, Common Cold, Flu or influenza, Mononucleosis, Measles or Chickenpox, Croup.

These throat infections can also carry through bacteria. The most common bacterial infection that causes a sore throat is the Streptococcus pyogenes or also known as the Group A Streptococcus. The other causes of a sore throat are the following.


These are caused by animals or the pollen which can cause a sore throat, causing inflammation in the throat and also irritation.


Due to the indoor atmosphere of some buildings may cause dry air which leads to dryness in the throat causing a sore throat infection.


It happens when the air outside is polluted; the various particles enter your throat while you breathe which may cause a bacterial infection. Irritants also include when a person drinks alcohol, smokes various substances or while eating spicy foods. These all irritates the throat.

You can get a sore throat even when you are speaking way too loud than your normal pitch, or you are shouting. It creates muscle strain in your throat which leads to a sore throat. Other diseases like HIV infection, tumors may also cause throat infections. There are also some rare conditions that may cause a sore throat which like an abscess or the infected area of tissue which leads to a sore throat. Small cartilage or the lid that covers the windpipe gets swollen which leads to blockage of the airflow which then causes a serious problem for that person.

A sore throat is a common infection that anyone can get but there some people who are more likely to get this infection like there is a certain age like the children and teens are more likely to get a sore throat infection. If anyone is exposed to tobacco smoke or smoke of any kind can cause a sore throat because the smoke carries various irritants that cause harm to the throat.

There are also some allergies which lead to dryness in the throat or creates an infection which leads to a sore throat. Exposure to any chemical substance environment also leads to throat infections because there are fumes of chemicals in the air when there are chemicals around. It is best to cover your mouth and nose with a mask to prevent the dangerous fumes of chemicals from entering your throat and causing infection. Due to some allergies, there is drainage from your nose to the throat which causes the irritation and spreads infection in the throat.

Viruses can easily transfer from one person to another so places like classrooms, offices, and airplanes where there is a closed environment may also be easy for the viruses to travel from one person to another through the air.

Some people who have a low immune system may also be open for viral infections; the low immune system is caused by different diseases. In this issue, body don’t have enough energy to fight the illness. To prevent sore throat infection from happening you can apply some different approaches to your daily lifestyle. These approaches will help you in being safe from the infections.

First approach is to wash your hands frequently, this helps to prevent various infections that may occur when you eat something from dirty hands and even when you unconsciously touch your face this also can create skin issue with those dirty hands.

The second approach avoids sharing food, drinking glass and other utensils because the virus may travel through any medium, if the person is suffering from any infection it is best to stay away from the ill person or try to protect your mouth and nose. A cough and sneezing also cause infections to travel through the air. It is best for the ill person and as well as the other person to wear a mask so that the virus won’t travel around through the air.

The third approach is to keep a hand sanitizer with you when there is a lack of water and soap at that place. These hand sanitizers are best to keep your hands clean. The fourth approach is to prevent yourself from touching different things in public and don’t drink water from public drinking fountains. Regularly clean your home appliances and other stuff so that the germs won’t travel to your body when you touch those things. The fifth approach is to avoid close contact with the people who are sick.

How long does a sore throat lasts depends on the type, common cold flu takes three years four days to recover from that while other diseases may take more time, care and doctor’s consultancy to make yourself better from the disease? If your sore throat does take more than a week than don’t take it lightly and go for a checkup from the doctor to prevent any other problem from happening.

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