HIV Symptoms in Women | Early Signs & Treatment

HIV symptoms in women

HIV is one of the most dangerous diseases that usually occurs when people have unprotected sex. Unprotected sex in terms of that when there is anal sex, this is the riskiest type which can get you HIV. Oral sex can also cause this disease if the mouth has an injury or an open sore. Vaginal sex can also be a cause of HIV when in time to time different partners are involved in sex. Transmission of semen and vaginal fluid is the cause that leads to HIV. Unprotected sex is not the only cause, doing drugs while using used syringes and other stuff leads to HIV but the major cause is unprotected sex. HIV symptoms in women can vary.


So what are the symptoms of HIV in women? IF you have these signs make sure to get in touch with a doctor. The first most common symptom is having flu. Many people mistake it as the normal flu but instead, it is a sign of an acute HIV. The symptoms usually occur within several years to appear. It does vary from person to person. The person has to make sure before starting any sexual relationship to get yourself and the partner to have a check up from the doctor. There are different stages of HIV which show different signs and symptoms according to the stage in which the person is. These stages are Acute HIV stage which is also known as the New Stage, Asymptomatic stage and the final stage is the AIDS.

HIV Symptoms in Women with details:

  •   Nausea:

When a woman is suffering from HIV then she goes through nausea. This feeling is particularly followed in the new stage which is also known as the Acute stage of the HIV.

  •   Swollen Lymph Nodes:

The lymph nodes or the lymph glands are swollen in the woman’s body which is a sign of HIV. Make sure to check for other symptoms too before declaring it HIV, because there are other many diseases and bacteria that cause lymph nodes.

  •   Vaginal Infections:

When women go through HIV, one of the most common symptoms are the vaginal infections which include the yeast infection or the fungal infection. In this infection, there is itching occurred in the vagina which causes discomfort and there is secretion of white liquid. This secretion of white liquid is due to large amount of bacteria which smells like fish and at the time of peeing there is burning sensation due to the bacteria.

  •   Mouth Ulcers:

Due to the low white cells caused by the HIV, the mouth is risky to other infections. These infections cause soreness and ulcer in the mouth which is really discomforting while eating anything. Try to use mouth-washers, toothpaste etc that can help in preventing the pain. If the pain is too extreme and the mouth-washers are not helping, consult a doctor.

  •   Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID):

If HIV in women is not treated at a time then there is a chance that they can suffer from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease which is due to excess amount of bacteria in the vagina. This also causes pain in the lower abdomen, pain during sex, smelly vagina and irregular bleeding. Make sure that if you see a sign of HIV test yourself from a doctor so that you don’t have to go through this phase. If you are suffering from this, consult a professional.

  •   Insomnia:

Insomnia is also a sign which women usually face during HIV. This is due to the stress, anxiety caused by the disease because of the fading health. Disturbed sleeping patterns are also caused by the medicines that are the prescribed by the doctors. These medicines are the anti-HIV drugs which have a side effect of disturbing the sleeping patterns. Using Ambien, it is the sleeping medication used by people who suffer from sleep issues. Ambien is the best drug out there that can put you to sleep quickly. For women suffering from HIV, it is a lot of stress and pain physically and mentally so it is important to have a good night sleep. Ambien plays an important role in doing that, it puts the patient to sleep which is important to recover from the stress and other things.

  •   Sexual Problems:

People suffering from HIV goes through sexual problems. The sexual desire fades away in both men and women. The fading away of the sexual desire leads to depression which is also not healthy for the health mentally and physically. If the person is not mentally healthy then it is difficult to recover from a major illness such as HIV.

Pregnant Women:

HIV can be transferred from a mother to the baby through breastfeeding or during the pregnancy, so it should be a top priority for the mothers to have themselves tested so that they can apply some medications to prevent the transmission of the disease. This transmission can be prevented through antiretrovirals during pregnancy and antiretroviral therapy for the child when it is born.

Acute Stage or New Stage of HIV:

The most common HIV symptoms in women during the new stage are body rash, fever, sore throat, headaches. Some others symptoms can be nausea, fatigue, ulcers in the mouth, swollen lymph nodes, vaginal infections which includes yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. Night sweats, vomiting, and muscle aches can also be a symptom in the acute stage. These symptoms in the acute stage last for about one to two weeks.

Asymptomatic Stage:

In the Asymptomatic stage, the symptoms are not visible and also they don’t cause any type of illness to the person unlike in the acute stage. All the symptoms of the acute stage are

finished while in this stage the immune system is being damaged. The disease starts attacking the immune cells which take a year or two to have fully shown the results. It is better to have it tested before that even if you don’t feel any type of sickness.

Advanced Stage or AIDS:

In the advanced stage of HIV, the AIDS. In this phase, if you have not get yourself treated in the start then it would be really difficult to recover yourself from the weak, damaged immune system. At this stage, the immune system is completely damaged which makes it a target for other infections to attack the body. The symptoms which women suffering from AIDS are nausea, vomiting, rapid weight loss, persistent diarrhea, fatigue, ulcers or sores in the mouth, vaginal infections like yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. Other symptoms are Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), recurring fever, recurring chills can also be a part of this along with that recurring night sweats, shortness of breath, coughing, persistently swollen lymph nodes and also can be prolonged swollen lymph nodes. Memory loss, confusion, and neurological disorders can also be a part of the symptoms in women suffering from an advanced stage of HIV which is known as the AIDS.

Sleeping Pills: What are Ambiens?

Ambiens are the medicines that are used for helping patients to sleep who are suffering from insomnia. Insomnia usually occurs in seventy percent of HIV patients because of their anti-HIV drugs so for this Ambiens play an important role in preventing insomnia.

To use Ambiens:

To use this medicine, it is first necessary to take advise from the doctor first. You can take this medicine through the mouth on an empty stomach(as directed by your doctor). It should be taken once at the night when it is time to sleep. Make sure to take this drug when you can complete your eight hour sleep because otherwise if you have to wake up after a couple of hours then you may face some memory loss and you will not be able to carry your activities well enough. Don’t take this medicine when you have to drive or have to do any sensitive work which may cause you harm or anyone else because through this medicine until and unless you get your full time sleep, the effect stays so make sure to take the medicine at the right time when you can have your full eight hour sleep. Try to take less dosage because in women the drug usually takes a longer time to be removed from the body than in a man. Other reasons are that this drug has many side effects so to be precautionary take the right dosage as it is prescribed by the doctor.

Why Ambien is better than other medicines:

Ambiens is better than other medicines because this is the only drug that can keep the patient stay asleep which is necessary during the stage of insomnia. This drug helps the person suffering from insomnia due to HIV symptoms in women is that it makes the patients fall asleep quickly and it makes them stay asleep due to this the patient can easily take rest and are able to recover from the exhaustion of the disease which damages the whole health of the human body mentally and physically.

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