Early Signs of Pregnancy before Missed Period

Early Signs of Pregnancy before Missed Period

When a woman gets pregnant there are few signs or changes being made into the woman’s body. You don’t have to worry about the changes because most of these signs are completely natural and some signs you can prevent that from happening by taking care of your diet, doing a little bit exercise, taking all the precautions which your doctors tell you to apply during the pregnancy phase. Some of the signs appear during the first week or month of the pregnancy phase. During the first few weeks women go through some slight changes which are the early signs of pregnancy before missed period.

Missing a Period :

If a woman misses a period it is a sign pf pregnancy. Make sure to do a pregnancy test because missing a period is also caused by other factors such as the hormonal problems, gaining or losing too much weight is also a factor in missing a period, farigue, stress and by stopping the contraceptive pill.

Large and Sore Breasts :

There is another most common early sign of pregnancy before missed period is the change in breasts’ size. Breasts start to getting larger and also getting tender. The nipple portion or the area surrounding the nipple starts getting darker. This is because the hormonal changes occurring in the women’s body, causing the glands inside the breasts to grow and prepare milk production and to breasts feed after the baby has been born.

The change in breasts can take several weeks to get settled. The pain in the breasts starts to get away along with the discomfort. Women will start to feel tired which caused by the hormonal changes or also due to low sugar level. This phase of tiredness goes away after three months. In this phase women should make sure to get plenty of rest and eat proper food which are rich in protein and iron.

Nausea or feeling of discomfort:

Having low blood pressure or low sugar level can also cause nausea which can happen anytime of day especially when women wakes up in the morning also known as the morning sickness. Cramping also occurs during the early phase of pregnancy not like during the periods but a mild one. This is due to the fertilized egg which gets attach to the wall of the womb. Along with cramps sometimes mild bleeding also occur. You don’t have to worry about the bleeding as long as it is mild one because it is natural. If the bleeding doesn’t go away and starts to increase then you should go for a check up from the doctor.

Frequent Need to Urinate :

During the pregnancy women starts to urinate more frequently this is just a natural process. Make sure to take in more fluids during the day so there is no problem going for washroom again and again in the night. If you feel any type of discomfort while urinating then going for a check up from the doctor should be the first priority.

Constipation or issue in digestion:

Some women go through a phase of constipation during pregnancy this is caused by the hormonal changes which results in passing the food more slowly through the intestines. To prevent this problem make sure to drink lots of water. Do exercise a little bit even if it is walking around. This helps in digesting the food and keeps the body in motion. Do take food with high fibres such as fruits and vegetables. These food items are necessary for passing on the waste materials from the body.

Mild Headaches :

Frequent mild headaches also occur in women during the early phase of pregnancy. The mild headaches are caused by some factors which may vary from woman to woman. These factors are morning sickness, fatigue, hunger, changes in hormones, low blood pressure, low mood and also depression. In this phase do eat food in small quantities so that it is easy to digest the food and take as much rest and sleep as you need. Drink lots of fluid so that you stay hydrated.

Mood Swings During Pregnancy :

Mood swings is a natural process which every pregnant woman goes through. Ths is also because of the hormonal changes that are going in the body which causes changes in the body physically and mentally. This is a time of getting support from your partner, emotional support is best during the pregnancy. It keeps the mother and child comfortable.

Dizziness or Fainting :

Dizziness and Fainting also occurs in some women during the early stages if pregnancy. This is also one of the first signs that the woman is pregnant. Dizziness and Fainting usually occurs due to low blood pressure or having a low sugar level. Make sure to have a proper diet so that this feeling doesn’t repeat. After weeks the feeling of being  overwhelmed or a different uncomfortable feeling goes away when the hormonal changes begin to settle down.

Safety Precautions for early signs of pregnancy before missed period

Safety Precautions for early signs of pregnancy before missed period :

During pregnancy due to changes occurring in the women’s body. Women have to set up some precautions to make their pregnancy a little bit easier that is if you are at outdoors then try to stay in shade if it is a hot morning because your body is already at a high temperature so make sure for your own ease to stay in shade, wear lose clothes and apply sunscreen. Always travel safe when you have to during pregnancy. Keep fluids to yourself so that you stay hydrated.

If you are feeling hot and uncomfortable try using cooling gels and lotions. These cooling gels and lotions creates a cooling sensation to the body which is very comfortable. Surviving a hot weather is tough but when it comes to being pregnant in hot weather then it’s a mission for women. Try to have cold slush drinks cool foods. These items helps you in tackling the hotness of the weather and keeps your body hydrated. Food items like watermelon and cucumber are best for staying hydrated. Ice tea and cold coffee are also good option of keeping yourself cool. Speaking of coffee make sure that you don’t intake lots of caffeine because it can be harmful to your body and the child. Less quantity of caffeine in a day is okay but don’t go beyond okay.

Wearing loose clothes also creates a comfort. Try to wear loose pyjamas while sleeping. These pyjamas should be of lightweight cotton material that is helpful in keeping your body cool. Swimming also helps in bringing comfort to your body along with that your body keeps on getting that exercise.

Unusual Signs of Pregnancy :

There are some unusual signs of pregnancy that occur in some women. During this time there is no need to get panic or get tensed about the health of your baby and your own health. These unusual symptoms can happen to any woman. All you have to do is how you can tackle these symptoms properly. Some of these unusual signs of pregnancy are:

Waking Up Hot or High Body Temperature:

During the early signs of pregnancy some women goes through high temperature within their body. This is a sign of ovulation which results in increasing the body temperature. If the body temperature doesn’t go down for about two weeks then you could be pregnant. Make sure by using a pregnancy test. Applying cold lotions and gels helps a lot in this type of phase whenever you feel hot and a certain discomfort. Drink lots of water and eat cucumber and watermelon to keep your body hydrated.

Feeling of Light-Headed :

This is a common symptom of pregnancy but still an usual one when women goes light-headed. This is due to the low blood pressure or having low sugar level which causes a feeling of dizziness or feeling of faint. At this point try to keep a healthy diet by eating protein rich food such as fruits and vegetables. These food keeps your body energetic which is used to stay healthy.

Vaginal Discharge :

During the early signs of pregnancy women miss a period which is the first sign of being pregnant. During this phase white, thick milky liquid discharges from the vagina also known as the Vaginal Discharge.

Having a cold or Flu :

This state happens because during pregnancy the immune system of the woman’s is lower than usual due to which it is weak to tackle the bacteria or different viruses. At this stage first make sure that you are pregnant by going for a pregnancy test and then try to stay away from unhygienic places. Make sure to keep your room clean and tidy so that no sort of infection gets to you. Take rest and keep up the healthy diet and you will be fine. There is nothing to worry about.

Conclusion :

All the above symptoms or early signs of pregnancy before missed period shows that it varies from woman to woman. You don’t have to compare yourself to other women about their symptoms. Every woman goes through it’s own unique way of change.

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