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No advice

Whatever we post here we try to provide health and fitness related information. The information we list here is for the sake of educating people. We don’t encourage you to act upon it right away without any consultation from a professional. If you like something that we post and want to infuse it in your day to day life, we suggest you to contact your medical expert and discuss it with him or her. Acting upon the information without any consent from a professional may lead to complexities and problems. So, whatever we post here must be taken as information not as any advice, recommendation, or alternative to what your doctor might have suggested to you.

No warranties

We do not guarantee that the information listed here is 100% actable and accurate. Whatever we publish we research and do our best to provide appropriate information. However, in case that something goes wrong or the information from the sources obtained isn’t accurate, we would not accept any liability. So, there is no guarantee about this information and its accuracy and if you want to take any advice you are absorbing it on your own. Tips Body don’t provide any guarantee for the information and don’t accept representations or warranties regarding the content.

Doing exercises

If you like an exercise and want to do it, you are doing it at your own risk. We don’t accept anything that happens to you as a result of that exercise. We should bring it in your notice that there are people who suffer from certain medical conditions. So, an exercise that is alright for a normal person may not be good for them. Instead, it may harm their health. Therefore, before you go out to do any workout, one should always consult a professional trainer. We warn you for the risks and injuries associated with the exercises and all the responsibility of whatever happens to you if you act on the information obtained from this site is on your shoulders.

Changing diet

We do provide nutritional information to you but whatever change you make is your own responsibility. There are people who have varying needs in terms of nutrition and if you are acting on a plan given to you by an expert we advise you not to change it. If you are looking to act on any given program here or want to make certain changes to your diet based on the information listed on this website; first of all, you do it all on your own and we don’t accept any responsibility for positive or negative consequences; secondly, consult a nutritionist before you make any change.

Medical help

Again we say that whatever medical information or medicine related content is available on this website is only for informational purpose. If an individual acts on it keeping in mind the information we provide here, it is all the responsibility of the person and Tips Body won’t be held responsible for any consequences.


Lastly, we do not accept any liability of reliance upon the information given. The purpose of the content we publish here is to educate individuals and despite our best of efforts to publish appropriate information there can be mistakes and, thus, there is no warranty for the content. Ultimately, whatever you do, whether it is exercise, diet, life changes, medicine, or anything you do based on the information obtained from the content listed here, it is all your responsibility and we won’t accept liability for any happenings.