Colon Cancer Symptoms in Men

Colon cancer symptoms in men

Colon is the large intestine, and it is the last part in the digestive system. Colon cancer symptoms in men starts from the small stage. The noncancerous bunches of the cell are called adenomatous polyps. As the time passes by, these polyps become cancer. Polyps are usually small, and the symptoms produced by them are very few. Most of the times a person don’t even know that he has cancer. This is why doctors suggest regular tests so that people could prevent themselves from colon cancer and if it’s identified, it can be treated on its initial stages.

Colon Cancer Symptoms in Men

Following mentioned are the signs and symptoms that men with colon cancer may have:

  • Bowel habits may change. Diarrhea and constipation can also occur, and there may be an inconsistency in your stool. This situation may last for more than three weeks.
  • The person may feel rectal blood loss and blood in the stool.
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss for no apparent reasons

Most of the people feel no symptoms when the colon cancer is on early stage. When these symptoms appear, the disease is increased, and the symptoms vary from person to person depending on the size and intensity of cancer.

Doctor Consultation

You must immediately contact a doctor if you find blood in your stool or observe any of the other symptoms of colon cancer. Ask your doctor about the tests and guidelines about the colon cancer. Usually, it is said that colon cancer screening is started when the person is at age 50. But the doctor could recommend the testing earlier to you based on the intensity of the disease and other risk factors.


Mostly, the reason for colon cancer is not apparent. The main reason for the colon cancer which has been found by the doctors till now is that it occurred when there is an error in the development of the healthy cells in the colon. The healthy cells grow, and this keeps your body functioning normally. But once the DNA of a cell gets damaged, it becomes cancerous. These cancerous cells keep on dividing without even a need for new cells, and these cancerous cells then combine and make a tumor. As the time passes by, these cells grow and destroy the functioning of the body tissues. The cancer cells travel to the whole body.

The link between diet and increased risk for colon cancer

Different surveys have shown that the people who have western diets are more likely to have colon cancer as the food of the west is fattening, but it is low in fiber. When the people from eastern areas shift to western regions, their eating habits also change and they have to switch from high fiber food to the low fiber western food, and thus the chances of colon cancer are increased in them.

Risk factors

Factors which can increase the symptoms of colon in men are as follows:

  • Older age
  • African-American race
  • A personal history of such diseases
  • Inflammatory intestinal situation
  • Innate syndromes that boost cancer risk
  • The family history of cancer
  • Low-fiber and high-fat diet
  • An inactive lifestyle
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Radiation treatment for cancer


  • Get screened

Doctors frequently recommend cancer screening to the people when they turn age 50. But the people who have historical backgrounds of cancer and other risk factors could better do the testing sooner. There are several options for screening, and each involves some drawbacks and benefits. Discuss colon cancer symptoms in men with your doctor, and he would tell you about the best option for you.

  • Lifestyle changes

You can make some changes to your lifestyle. These changes can help to reduce the chances of colon cancer in men.  Following are some steps to make changes to the lifestyle:

  • Eat healthily

Eat fruits, vegetable, and grains. This diet is full of fibers, vitamins, and minerals which help you to keep your body maintained and prevented it from cancer. Try eating fruits and vegetables which are full of vitamins.

  • Reduce intake of alcohol

Try not to drink alcohol and in case if you choose to drink it. Limit your consumption of alcohol to one drink a day.

  • Stop smoking

Stop smoking as soon as possible when you know that you are a cancer patient. Ask your doctor to know that how could you quit smoking.

prevention for colon cancer symptoms in men

  • Physical activities

Do physical activities more. Exercise daily for more than 30 minutes. Be active and take part in activities. Being inactive will increase cancer’s intensity in you.

  • Weight maintenance

If you are underweight, start eating healthy foods and maintain your weight. But if you find yourself to be overweight, start cutting of fattening foods from your diet and take exercise to take up your pressure to normal.

Colon cancer deterrence

There are some medicines which could be readily available on the market, and you can buy them if prescribed by the doctor. These medicines help in reduction of cancer in the patients. But still, those medications could not eliminate the disease. These options work better for the people who have high chances of cancer. While in some cases it has been noticed that the usage of aspirin and other similar drugs has reduced the risk of colon cancer. But the amount of dosage and the time of taking the specific dose are not precise and confirm. The intake of aspirin on a daily basis can be risky and can cause an ulcer, so the doctors generally don’t recommend these medicines if there is an alternative available to reduce to chances of cancer in a person.  By following the mentioned tips and treatments correctly, it is sure that you will feel some positive results and the chances of colon cancer symptoms in men may be reduced. Any remedy or medication can reduce the intensity of the disease until the proper treatment is not done, cancer can’t be adequately cured.


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