Calories in Shrimp and its Uses

Calories in Shrimp

Shrimp is a type of seafood that is widely used in many counties. The term shrimp is not used for just one sea animal but it is used for every sea animal that have an elongated bodies and swim. The most common types that are the part of the shrimp family are the Caridea and Dendrobranchiata. Shrimps can be resembled to Prawns. Prawns are also marine species which have long abdomen or tails, long whiskers and slender legs. Shrimps move by swimming forward by using their swimmers or legs that are under the abdomen. This marine specie can also move backward by rapidly moving their tail. Shrimps are widespread through all the regions of the world. These species are abundant in number. Within the shrimp family there are many types which can be found in rivers and lakes. Shrimps usually live alone but during the spawning season, shrimps forms large  schools. These shrimps play a major role in being used as food because of the calories in shrimp and rich nutrients these are special food for humans and other marine species ranging from fish to whales.

Fish Farming :

As these species are widely used as food for humans so this food has been commercialized by properly setting up farms to maintain and grow shrimps. This approach was firstly used in China where they start to separate wild shrimps from the Farm ones for food. Farm shrimps are better as these species are grown in a controlled environment without any pollution which is major factor in rivers and seas where the marine life is being destroyed. The size of the shrimps vary from specie to specie with size ranging from two cm to twenty-five cm. Shrimps which are of large size are mostly used as food as compared to other shrimp species.

Shrimps with many benefits :

Shrimps are used as food which is very beneficial to human health. These can be used as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant for humans. Through different studies made on shrimps, it is stated that using shrimps as food can reduce certain type of cancer and also help with preventing diabetes. There are many minerals present in shrimps which are very useful for the human body to take in. For example, one of the minerals that is present in shrimps is the antioxidant mineral selenium. People who suffer from heart failure, other heart diseases and diabetes often have low rate in selenium. These shrimps helps in increasing the selenium rate in the human body which is healthy.

The other special mineral that is presented in the shrimps is the copper. Shrimps have to be known the only sea animals that have copper present in them. This fact makes the shrimp family a very special food for humans which is so rich in minerals. Shrimps are also rich in cholesterol. Due to this factor some studies shows that if shrimps intake is not checked then it can be a serious issue to the human health but still due to this high cholesterol factor many medicines have been created through this mineral that is present in the shrimps which is the Omega Fatty acids. These are very helpful for people who have cardiovascular problems and have problems with the nervous system. So having shrimps in your meal plans is a must for good healthy diet.

The best thing about the shrimps is the amount of calories and the richness of the nutrients. A single shrimp contains seven calories but the amount of other nutrients is very high as compared to other food where the person has to take in a lot of calories to meet up the nutrients demand. With the shrimps a person can eat few shrimps with low calories and richness of other nutrients which are very helpful in staying healthy.There are one thirty five calories in shrimps that are twenty in number. Studies have shown that a human body only use eight to ten percent of calories as the energy rest of that is wasted. Using shrimps as food gives few calories already where no calories are wasted bringing you also rich minerals to your body.

Commercial purposes about Calories in Shrimp

Commercial purposes about Calories in Shrimp :

Shrimps are produced in farms for commercial uses while some wild shrimps are also used for that purpose too in some regions of the world. These commercial shrimps are sold through different ways like in some regions of the world commercial shrimps are sold in fresh manner, frozen, applied with the bread, in a paste form, dried and also in cooked form. Along with these ways shrimps are often sold peeled, unpeeled, with head and also without head and also veined or deveined. It depends on the buyer whichever type of shrimp and whatever way he wants to eat that shrimp.

Abundant in Nature :

Shrimps are present in almost all the regions of the world. As these species can exist in any type of water. Some species of shrimps can live in fresh water, some in sea water and some also in the brackish water. The brackish water is between the fresh water and the salty water, being not too much salty and not too much fresh. Shrimps also exists in the warm waters in the southern regions of the world and also in the colder regions of the world. This rich material food is abundant in nature.

Globally Enjoyed :

This food is widely enjoyed in almost all the parts of the world. Some regions have a direct access to these shrimps as the places closer to coastal areas. Places like India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia etc are some countries that supplies shrimps to other regions of the world. It is one of their main exports. Almost all the regions have adapted the way of fish farming. This approach helps to grow the marine life in a controlled manner just like other animals are bred in farms in a controlled environment.

Storing Shrimps :

From buying the shrimps to storing and to cook. These shrimps doesn’t take that much work but there are some points that the consumers have to focus on. The first thing is to look out for fresh shrimp if you are going to buy them. Try a proper store that is known to sell fresh shrimps otherwise try to look for fishmonger who can supply you shrimps that are produced in the farms. It depends on the consumer how you have to cook the shrimps and in what time because the fresh shrimps have about one to two days. More than that it will be ruined. For long term frozen shrimps are best. These can be kept for several weeks.

Signs of Fresh Shrimps :

There is a sign of fresh shrimps that is before buying that look out for that the shrimps are soft and their body is still attached to their shell along with no black spots present on their shells. Having black spots on the shells indicates breakage of the shell which is not a sign of a fresh shrimp. Smell of shrimps is also a major sign of whether the shrimp is fresh or not. Try to check that the shrimps are of sea water smell. This indicates that the shrimps are fresh. If it doesn’t smell right, don’t buy it.

For storing shrimps it is best that the consumers should make sure that they store the shrimps in cold storage. The temperature of most refrigerators are not suitable for the sea food. Try to apply some extra tweaks with lowering down the temperature like lowering down the temperature of the refrigerator of yours refrigerator supports it. If not try using extra ice with the shrimps packages so that it doesn’t get ruined. Seafood is very sensitive to temperature so make sure before preserving it.

Cooking Shrimps :

For cooking shrimps it can either be cooked with shells or without shells depending on what type of recipes you are going to use. To remove the shell if you want to, all you have to do is remove the head and the legs and then peel off the shell. Before cooking some people don’t like the digestive vein that is intact with the body of the shrimp. If you don’t like it you can remove it otherwise it doesn’t cause any issue. The vein can easily be deveined by using a simple kitchen tool that is used for deveining the shrimps.

Best Way to Serve :

The best way to serve shrimps is whatever the way you find it best. If you are new to this food try using them in vegetables soup. You can emjoy eating cold shrimps by using these with salsa dip. You can add shrimps with the vegetables salad. It really boosts up the richness of the dish along with the taste.

These species are very useful when it comes to calories in shrimp as there are very few in number and produce a large number of nutrients which is very helpful for the human health.

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