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Are Cold Sores Herpes

Most of the people misunderstand cold sores because of the name cold; they think that cold sore happen due to cold. Cold sores are painful blisters that are usually caused because of some virus but it has no link with cold and sneezing. The cold sores are a result of getting attacked by an infection and that is Herpes Simplex Virus. People also don’t know that are cold sores herpes. There are normally two types of herpes simplex virus type I and type II. This virus is transferred from one affected person to another. It can be transferred by many ways that includes kissing, physical skin contact or getting close to each other. The contagious period is when the virus is active and the affected person has blisters on his mouth.

Once the virus slows down its working and the blisters are dried, they will be crusted over in a few days and then the contagion lessens. But once a person is affected from HSV, can transfer this virus to other persons even when the cold sore has ended and is no more present. The viruses of all types remain in the body for sometime even if the disease has ended and same is the case with HSV that it remains in the saliva of person even after the cold sores are no more.

How the cold sores are caused?

When the person gets infected, the HSV finds a way to enter in the nerve cells of the human body and they don’t stop there but travel up in the nerves. They continue traveling until they are reached to ganglion. Ganglion is actually the collection of a lot of nerve cells. This stage when the virus reaches the ganglion is referred to as dormant stage.

After this, the active stage of virus starts and in it the virus starts multiplying itself and travels down back to the nerves and reach the skin where they start effecting. This virus after multiplication cause blisters on the lips which are called cold sores.
The reasons for recurrences of HSV are not always the same but somehow the following reasons and conditions are found to be true:

  • A person having fever, flu and cold have more chances of getting a prey to cold sores. And when they caused because of fever, they’ll be called as fever blisters.
  • A long and continuous exposure of the person to sun can also cause cold sores.
  • High levels of stress are also found to be a necessary reason of having cold sores.
  • Changes in immune system and also the hormonal changes cause the cold sores to get happened.
  • Skin traumas are another cause.

In some cases, the causes of recurrence of cold sores remain hidden. The HSV cold sores have got a tendency to get occurred again and again at the same place. This can happen almost once a month or twice a year depending upon the presence of virus in the body.

Symptoms of cold sores:

Most of the people also call the cold sores as fever blisters. The cold sores can be happened anywhere on the body of the person affected by HSV. It can be occurred on the fingers, lips, outside of mouth, cheeks and the nose of the affected person. Once the blisters are formed, you will feel that after sometime they’ll break themselves. And there will be a scab or dry crust of yellow color which will fall off after sometime.

The time span of cold sores is of 7 to 10 days and they can be spread to the other people until the crust has fallen off completely and sometimes there is a chance of spread of virus even after the cold sores are no more to the effected person.

Symptoms of cold sores

Chances of occurrence of Cold Sores:

Anyone can get infected by the HSV and can have cold sores. According to a study, almost 90 percent of the people worldwide get cold sores once in their lives. Normally the people who get the cold sores for the first time may have to face severe symptoms while in kids who get the cold sores may get seriously ill. When once in your life you have got the cold sores, the chances of your to get them again will be decreased and he won’t get affected by the virus again but still there are people who might get cold sores again and it can happen due to several reasons. People who get infected by the HSV and get infected by the cold sores for the first time, have developed antibodies in their bodies and thus the chances for them to get affected by the cold sores in the future are decreased.

In general these cold sores are not so serious and they remain for sometime but there could be some cases when this infection might get serious and sometimes even life-threatening for the people who have AIDS or have weak immune systems. There situations can be cured by taking proper treatment and medications. People having eczema which is the severe skin condition, have chances to get cold sores over anywhere on the body and it normally happens on the large parts of the body. Sometimes, the cold sores can cause serious complications and could be spread to other parts of the body which could have severe impacts. If the infection spreads and reaches the eyes, it could cause serious effect to the vision. In some cases, it has also spread to brain and caused encephalitis.

The reasons for occurrence of cold sores:

Simply, when the people get in contact with the people who are affected from HSV, the chances of their getting cold sores increase. Not only the people, but the things also carry the virus and the contact of unaffected people with the virus affected things make them affected and their chances of getting cold sores increase. Other than this, kissing someone who has been affected from the HSV or is having cold sores or when you share the eating utensils of the affected person or even the razors, you have increased chances of getting cold sores. This virus is stored on the genitals of the affected person and can be spread by having oral sex. When the cold sores are caused because of genitals, it is normally type II of HSV.

Triggers of fever blisters when you find are the sore cold herpes

People who got infected by HSV can have cold sores even after the 20 days of getting infected from the virus. Once the virus is entered to the body, it will cause cold sores on any part of the body. Some triggers which increase the chance of getting prey to the cold sores are as follows:

  • Some foods may contain risks regarding cold sores.
  • Fever or cold conditions
  • Allergies of any kind.
  • Menstruation

Prevention of other people from cold sores

To prevent other people of having cold sores by getting infected from the affected person, below mentioned points are to be followed:

  • Don’t kiss anyone while you are infected
  • Don’t share your socks or eating utensils with anyone
  • Don’t have oral sex until you are completely fine

Home remedies for cold sores:

The following are some really helpful and beneficial home remedies for the treatment of cold sores:

  • Lemon tea
  • Lemon balm
  • Use of Aloe Vera Gel
  • Witch hazel oil

Are cold sores herpes?

For those who don’t know that are cold sores herpes, the answer is yes, the cold sores are herpes but somehow they are different from the herpes which cause issues in the nether regions of the person got affected. Cold sores are the blisters, which have fluids in them and they normally appear around the mouth, lips, and chin or at nostrils. Some of the people mistaken the herpes as cancer sores they are wrong because the cancer sores are the ulcers which occur inside the mouth. Cold sores as happen because of herpes simplex virus and it has two flavors, the type I cause the garden variety cold sores and the type II cause the genital sores. In some of the cases, people who get cold sores due to the type I cause don’t show any prior symptoms and they just get affected. The HSV when enters the human body by the way of skin, it gets entered to the nerve cells. While in the outbreaks, the virus remains dormant. The cold sores remain for some time on the body and this life has several stages. The first one is the warning stage, when the blister starts forming themselves and there is burning, itching and tingling on the surface of the skin. After the initial indications, the blisters appear on the affected part. In start they are small and it’s the bulbous mass on the surface. In the weeping stage, this mass breaks and then there are scabs and after sometime, the blisters are over. In normal cases, there are no scars of cold sores and they last for maximum 10 days when not treated.

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