Ambien Side Effects | Uses, Dosage & Warnings

Ambien side effects

Ambien is the medicine that is used for the patients with the sleeping disorder of short period of time. This medicine is useful in getting the sleeping problem solved and making you fall in sleep early. But as we all know that almost every medicine has some positive benefits but they also have some negative impacts on your health. Same is the case with this drug Ambien. Ambien side effects are so terrifying and strange for a normal person. Nobody wants to have and face such side effects that will make him a scary creature or may leave him in depression by making the user of this drug its addict. The side effects of this medicine will be discussed in details in the article below. But first we will talk about the medicine itself that what Ambien actually is and how and why it is used.

Ambien and its use

Ambien is the medicine which is also named as the zolpidem tartrate drug. This drug is used to treat the problem of insomnia; a disease in which a person has some sleeping problems. Ambien is the name of the brand that is commonly known for the drug zolpidem tartrate and widely prescribed by the doctors that have some sleeping issues. This medicine was introduced for the first time for insomniac patients in 1993 and ever since this medicine is widely used to treat the patients who are not able to sleep even for the whole night.

Who can use Ambien

This medicine is used to treat the mild insomnia or sleeping problem. It is not prescribed for the patients who have severe insomnia problem. The patients who have severe insomnia are suggested to get the prescription of the doctor for any medication; self-medication is strictly prohibited for such patients who are facing severe sleeping problem. Short term insomniac patient can use this medicine without getting prescription of the doctor every time they face the sleeping problem.

Ambien is used by the patients of the short-term insomnia, the people who have the sleeping disorder and they find it difficult to sleep at night or they find it hard to stay asleep during the whole night.

How Sedative hypnotic drug function

The Ambien drug is classified as the sedative hypnotic drug. It is used to depress the function of the nervous system which helps a person to fall in sleep easily. When a person’s brain stops working at night and make him calm after taking this medicine, the person can get a better sleep otherwise the super active brain of the insomnia patient will not allow him to sleep all the night. Excessive use of this medicine is not recommended as this drug makes a person addicted of it and he will start depending on the drug to fall in sleep every night.

How does an Ambien tablet look like and how to take it

Ambien is most of the times prescribed in the small doses of the 5 to 10 mg. These are the small tablets of pink color in the 5 mg dose and it has a stamp writing AMB 5 on a side of the packing of the pills and on the other side 5401 is written. The pills packing of the 10 mg dose is of white color capsule like pills which are film coated and they have a stamp of AMB 10 on one side of the tablet packing while on the other side 5421 is written.

According to the guide provided with the medicine, the medicine works really quickly and it should be taken right before you are going to your bed for a sleep. If you take it sooner Ambien will make you feel sleepy while you have some work to do before the sleep. So to avoid the sleepy feeling way before the sleep time, you should take the medicine just when you get into the bed. If will work very fast and make you sleep right after a few moment without any difficulty.

Prescription of Ambien for the adults and kids

Apart from the various side effects of this pill, doctors are prescribing Ambien to the adults as well as to the kids who have insomnia problem. We are aware that the adults are being prescribed by the sleeping pills like Ambien who have some short term and mild sleeping disorder to help them in getting a better sleep, but it comes to our shock that kids are also facing the problem of the insomnia in their early ages. These kids are also prescribed with the sleeping pills like Ambien to make them sleep while they have problem in sleeping on their own. Ambient is being prescribed by the doctors for the adults as well as for the kids because this pill is a low potency drug that has an effective result and less side effects as compared to the other sleeping pills and the other drugs are not that effective like the way Ambien is. Still the use of the drug like Ambien is not justified and recommended by us as this medicine has many of the side effects that a normal person would never want to face because of his mild and short term sleeping problem.

What are the Ambien side effects?

In spite of the fact that Ambien does not advance or promote any prejudice as its creators brought up, Barr the maker of the drug is not the primary individual to connect the medication to strange conduct.  As per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Ambien has various serious reactions and the side effects that should be noticed by the users of the drugs and taken care of; including a danger of impairment in the next morning from the night you have taken the pill. The pill is an addictive drug with which a person gets the night sleep and when he stops using the pill, he will be dependent on the pill again to sleep in the night. Otherwise he will not be able to sleep in the night as he gets addicted to the drug for a better sleep.

The side effects of this pill include some of the strange and terrifying actions of a person which may seem horrible actions if a normal person notices such behavior. You may get up out of bed while not being completely conscious and complete movements and actions that you don’t have any acquaintance with what you are doing while sleeping. The following morning of that night, you may not recollect that you did anything strange amid the night; all these side effects are as per the indication by the prescription guide.

The activities that are being reported after sleeping by taking this pill includes driving an auto without being in conscious, making and eating any food dish that you do not remember, chatting on the telephone with someone and talking to them in your sleep, having sexual intercourse with your partner but could not remember anything about it after when you wake up in the morning, and the side effects of this pill also includes the sleep walking problem.

Ambien may likewise cause some of the side effects, for example, the person may get the abnormal thoughts, he may face the abnormal behavior which is not under his control, may suffer from the memory loss for a short period of time, anxiety, stress and uneasiness during his work. The most well-known side effects of these pills incorporate languor, dazedness, looseness of the bowels, and tiredness.

Moreover, the FDA cautions those taking Ambien not to drive or participate in different exercises that require “complete and total mental alertness” the following day, as the level of the zolpidem can stay above the normal rate throughout the following day.

When the patients having the sleeping problem quit taking Ambien, as it is just intended to be utilized for the treatment of a shorter period of time and for some mild sleeping disorder, the person may feel the side effects like crying, a sleeping disorder again, having the vomits, having the stomach issues, he may get the panic attacks when he stop taking the pills, apprehension and nervousness, and pain in the stomach-region. These are the common side effects that are being noticed in the users of this pill when they leave taking the pill. This pill has the side effects on both times; during time you are taking the pills and also when you have stopped taking the pills. So, to avoid being getting such problems, these pills should be avoided whenever possible. Take any natural remedy for the insomnia and the sleeping disorder but avoid taking these pills that make you its addict and you may face many side effects of this drug. Not just that time, you will have to suffer from its side effects even after leaving the medicine. Ambien side effects are so scary that no one will want to have this drug if he knows about the side effects of this drug already.

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